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Detroit Wrecker Sales
  • The Low Loader Built in Detroit, Michigan USA!
  • The Low Loader Built Strong - From Raw Steel To Raw Towing Power!
  • The Low Loader The lowest load angle in the industry, period!

Detroit Wrecker Sales

The Low-Loader

The Low-Loader is the lowest load angle rollback carrier on the market. It's innovative design using a forklift platform transforms the load capacity and angle capability of the bed. The Low-Loader is designed for an extremely long service life for all major components. Maintenance costs for the LowLoader over a 10 year period is drastically lower than other standard duty carriers on the market.


Detroit Wrecker Sales custom designs each Low-Loader package to suit our customer's professional towing needs, helping them get exactly the right Low-Loader for the job.


From raw steel to raw towing power, the strength, quality and craftsmenship that goes into our build process is unmatched, you can't get a better built product in the towing industry.

Made In U.S.A.

Detroit Wrecker Sales is a family owned and run company located in Detroit, MI, U.S.A. We are very proud to employee workers and build our products right here in Detroit, Michigan.

The Low-Loader incorporates the key following features:

  • Winch Hose Pulley System – This system offers easy access to change, replace, or service in less than an hour. Hoses run on individual pulleys. This feature greatly extends the life of the hose.
  • Stationary Light Bar Pylon/Hydraulic Reservoir - Our Pylon is also our Hydraulic Tank. It's not hidden under the bed. You can always add oil to the system, no matter where the bed is positioned.
  • Bed Wear Pad System - Our Wear Pads have an estimated life of 10,000 plus cycles and do not require re­moving the bed. R&R the pads in 1 hr.
  • One Piece Control Handles - Lifetime Warranty - Eliminates all linkage between Control Handles. 1 Rod for each function, from the Driver Side to the Passenger Side.
  • All Pins & Bushings - Lifetime Warranty - Every Cylinder Pivot Point has a Bronze Oil-Lite Bushing which protects the pin for years of use.
  • Dumping Angle - 40 degrees clearly the highest in the industry. Work faster by dumping the junk car quickly.
  • Bed Lock Free Design – Our bed is always locked to the frame. You do not have to slide the bed into bed locks.You can slide it away from the cab to accomodate your longer or larger load. With a truly independent Wheel Lift mounted to the Truck's Frame. There are no bed locks needed to keep the sub-frame from tilting.
  • Cylinders made in house - Our cylinders use superior seals & components. Detroit Wrecker offers a 4 year warranty on cylinder seals.

Our goal is simply, build a Roll Back for the conditions operators face daily & make it Detroit Wrecker Tough!

The Low-Loader


How It Works

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty On Pins & Bushings

We implement bronze Oil-Lite bushings on ever pivoting cylinder, this creates little to no maintenance for the end user. Detroit Wrecker Pins & Bushings are backed by a Lifetime warranty.

Lowest Load Angle

Lowest Load Angle - Period!

The Lowest Loading angle in the towing industry - period. Allows you to load the high-end sports cars, quick and worry free. Separate yourself from the competion with the roll back that does it all.


  • Installation & Powder Coated Black +

    Detroit Wrecker performs installation of Low Loader and includes black powdercoating. We can produce any color of power coating at no extra charge.
  • Bed Sizes +

    Low Loader standard length is 18 feet long by 100 inches wide, with optional lengths of 19 feet, 21 feet, 24 feet, 26 feet & 28 feet with up to 102 inches wide.
  • Winch +

    Includes Ramsey 8000 pound Worm Gear Winch with 34:1 ratio. 75 foot winch cable with swivel hook.
  • Wheel Lift +

    Wheel Lift up to 5,000 pound lift capacity, and 10,000 pound tow capacity.
  • Dual Lighted Controls Stations +

    Dual Lighted Controls Stations
  • Built Super Strong +

    8 inch on center for cross members on deck.
  • Deck Sheeting +

    3/16 inch smooth steel deck with 3/8 inch tail plate. Add Diamond Plate for only $1,200.
  • Best Hydraulic Hoses +

    All hydraulic hoses are Parker "Tough Cover" Part# 451TC.
  • L.E.D. Light Bar +

    L.E.D. light bar Whelen Justice 10 L.E.D. head.
  • L.E.D. Light Package +

    L.E.D. light package on equipment, Lifetime Warranty by TecNiq, Inc.
  • Tow Lights +

    Includes cordeded tow lights.
  • Best PTO Available +

    PTO Muncie Hotshift. Clutch pump are optional.
  • V-Chain +

    Includes V-Chain of your choice.
  • J-Hooks +

    Includes a pair of Grade 70, 6 foot J-Hooks.
  • Ratchets & Straps +

    Includes ratchets and straps for wheel lift.
  • Tool Box +

    Includes a 36 inch tool box with stainless steel doors.
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